Wintex 1000 Soil Sampler

Quick, Precise, Quiet and Durable

The new era in automatic ATV soil sampler's! The Wintex1000 is the optimum solution for collecting soil samples. It's so fast and effective you will be amazed at how much your productivity, soil core quality, consistency and operator fatigue will be improved!  



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What people are saying...

I purchased my Wintex 1000 in the fall of 2002 after seeing it demoed at a trade show in Albuquerque New Mexico and have not regretted my purchase. When I purchased it I had it mounted on a 400 cc Artic Cat. I currently have it remounted on a Honda 650. It has preformed very well in all sorts of soils, moistures, and stones. I like the durability, dependability, cycle speed (about 3 seconds), ease of handling and the service from the dealer

Jesse Weaver
Agri Consulting Services