Wintex 1000 Soil Sampler

Quick, Precise, Quiet and Durable

The new era in automatic ATV soil sampler's! The Wintex1000 is the optimum solution for collecting soil samples. It's so fast and effective you will be amazed at how much your productivity, soil core quality, consistency and operator fatigue will be improved!  



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What people are saying...

I’ve been using a Wintex for soil sampling for over 2 years now and am very pleased with it.  It’s has allowed me to expand my business through increased productivity, accuracy, flexibility, and consistency.  My Wintex allows me to sample any soil type from sand to muck and I even take some frozen soil samples!  My Wintex is very reliable routinely taking over 200 samples per day.  I’ve been able to increase the number of samples that I can take without increasing my workload or hiring help.  That’s a great benefit for a small business such as mine.

Tom Prosser
Prosser's Ag Service