Wintex 2000 Soil Sampler

Wintex 2000 Soil Sampler

Save time with the Wintex 2000.  Take fully automatic soil samples up to 60 cm and from two different layers in just one operational step!

Wintex 2000-Time-saving, reliable and use-friendly soil sampler, which takes quick and effective high-quality soil samples in all kinds of soil.  Developed on the basis of 15years of experience in being a specialist in manufacturing soil samplers.

Cash Discount: $21,000.00

  • Optimum speed
  • Minimum maintenace
  • Reliable
  • User-friendly
  • Fully automatic



Fully Automatic:  Soil from different layers is automatically filled in two soil boxes.

Elegant Design: The Wintex 2000 has an elegant design, which also includes the hydraulic and the protection pipes.

Precise: The scraper precisely fits the inner diameter of the probe, and the scraper blades ensure that the probe is emptied fully every time.

Safe: The Wintex 2000 is designed with safety in mind. A series of switches forces the operator to avoid hand and foot contact with the soil sampler.

Plain: All functions are carried out from the distribution block, which is made of aluminium and custom-made.

Simple hydraulics: The hydraulic system has a simple construction. At the same time it is designed beautifully and elegantly.

Samples/hour: 20

  • Sticks/hour: 300
  • Sticks/sample: 14-16
  • Volumen/sample: 300-450 g
  • Diameter probe: 22 mm and 26 mm
  • Hydraulic system: Honda GX200 motor, 5,5 hp with or without electric starter
  • Hydraulic consumption: 16 l/min, 100 bar
  • Hydraulic tank: 8 litres
  • Electrical power: 12 V DC
  • Capacity battery: 14 Ah, 250 W
  • Net weight: 91,5 kg