Wintex 3000 Soil Sampler

The Wintex 3000 is an efficient and strong fully automatic soil sampler.  It is user-friendly, easy to use and requires only minimum maintenance.  All functions are comfortably carried out from the driver's seat.  The custom-made probe rotates when it has reached the desired depth and picks up soil.  On its way up homogeneous samples are delivered with close accuracy into the soil boxes.  The soil can then be filled into bagss or boxes by the means of a funnel, ready to be sent to the laboratory.  

Cash Discount: $24,900.00


Takes soil samples from 0-90 cm.  It is possible to take soil samples from one, two, or three different layers at the same time.  The depth and the point where the sample will be divided can be adjusted according to the user's needs.  If the Wintex 3000 meets obstacles or is interrupted during soil sampling and therefore only takes a half sample, the sample will be discarded through a funnel and will not be filled into the soil boxes.

The Wintex 3000 works in all kinds of soil including sandy, clayey, hard, compact and dry soils.  The probe goes into the ground by means of a hydraulic hammer and pressure from the cylinder which can be adjusted according to the type of soil.

The custom-made oil tank is made of aluminum.  It has a ribbed surface which means that its area is three times larger than a plain surface.  Because of the aluminum and the ribbed surface the cooling capacity is 12 times higher than the cooling capacity of a traditional oil tank.  This means that the tank ensures optimal cooling of the hydraulic oil.  


Technical Information:

Sample Depth:  0-90cm                                          Hydraulic system: Honda GX200 motor, 5.5 hp

Diameter Probe: 26 mm                                          Hydraulic consumption: 16 l/min., 100 bar

Sample speed: 1 stick in 22-28 sec.                       Hydraulic tank:  7 l

Volume/sample: 2,3 g per cm at a density 1:1        Electrical supply: 12 volt DC

Net weight: 95kg                                                    Capacity battery: 14 Ah, 250 W