We changed to the Wintex sampling machines from Amity auger units because we liked the way the Wintex units were put together and how they worked.  The biggest reason that we switched was because we felt like the Wintex units should be easier to maintain – and they were.  There is very little adjustment to them once you get them set- which is a big plus for us.  We were constantly tweaking on the  Amity units every day, and would still have to repair them at the end of the day.  The Wintex units are fast and efficient for us.  Once they were set, we really didn’t have to do too much to them to keep them running smoothly after that.  Of course, we had some break-downs, but that was to be expected, and we dealt with them much quicker than what we had in the past with other machines.  All-in-all, the Wintex machines have been a fast, user friendly sampler for us.

Jason Stonecipher
Ceres Solutions