Tony Covely

Tony Covely

Crop Care Testimonial

Crop Care

"Wintex 1000 diminishes the physical strain of soil sampling, extends the sampling season and allows a higher level of production while maintaining a consistent sample depth, time and time again."

Zachery Meyer
Rock River Laboratory

I’ve been using a Wintex for soil sampling for over 2 years now and am very pleased with it.  It’s has allowed me to expand my business through increased productivity, accuracy, flexibility, and consistency.  My Wintex allows me to sample any soil type from sand to muck and I even take some frozen soil samples!  My Wintex is very reliable routinely taking over 200 samples per day.  I’ve been able to increase the number of samples that I can take without increasing my workload or hiring help.  That’s a great benefit for a small business such as mine.

Tom Prosser
Prosser's Ag Service

The results from our four Wintex 1000 units have exceeded my expectations.  Acreage covered and sample numbers generated per unit has increased by about 50% over previous conventional sampling methods we utilized.  Equally important, the sampling errors and the need to resample due to mental errors by the technicians have decreased significantly also.  This is due to I am convinced that the technicians being less physically and mentally stressed during the sampling day, thus making less mistakes and increasing efficiency. 

The installation of the Wintex 1000 and Honda power units on our Honda Rancher ATV’s was straightforward and a rather simple process.  With a good preventive maintenance program initiated from installation of the units the downtime of our units has been minimal. 

We will be adding at least one additional unit this summer to the sampling fleet.

Phil Bender
Precision Crop Services

I purchased my Wintex 1000 in the fall of 2002 after seeing it demoed at a trade show in Albuquerque New Mexico and have not regretted my purchase. When I purchased it I had it mounted on a 400 cc Artic Cat. I currently have it remounted on a Honda 650. It has preformed very well in all sorts of soils, moistures, and stones. I like the durability, dependability, cycle speed (about 3 seconds), ease of handling and the service from the dealer

Jesse Weaver
Agri Consulting Services